Thinking and practise, AE Sound.

Today I looked at sound within After affects, to start I imported the sound file I wanted to work with then started a new composition. I then dragged the sound file into the composition.


To preveiw sound in After affects you need to hold down command and click the full stop key on the key board.

This is a visual representation of the sound. Image

You can use marker keys to mark where key points of sound are this is where you may want to place animation.

Or you can click control and asterisk (*) to add markers that move with the sound.

By double clicking on the marker you can add text that will appear on your timeline. ImageImage

To add animation to the sound i added a solid. Image

Then I pressed P and turned the animation on. Image

Using the shift key and each marker point as guidance you can create a path for the solid moving along your tine timeline.


To make sure it moved smoothly I changed the key frame interpretation to linear.Image

and then by clicking the preveiw button it should move in time with the music.

There is another method I learnt to do this…

I started a new composition and added a bass effect and preset.



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