Design in context 2, Life is expensive!

Today we looked at the cost of living. I’ve never really sat down and took the time to think about how much I’m spending and how much I’m earning but today I started to calculate. I was astonished by how much money I actually spend year to year. Something as simple as spending £5 on a train journey soon adds up when you spend that same £5 week to week.
The aim of this lecture was to get us thinking about the business side of graphic design. When we go into industry we need to think more about what we are spending to make any form of profit. Profit=income-cost. As a graphic designer I will need to consider the cost of every part of the designing process when working. Theres no use working to a brief that the materials will cost £50 when the client is only willing to pay you £30 for the work. You would be at a £20 loss! This is why communication is so important between myself and the client. These are factors of the projects I will need to discuss with the client. We looked at spreadsheets to breakdown all this information.




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