Thinking and practise, InDesign tutorial.

Today we were shown the basic concepts of InDesign. Indesign is used to produce anything involving pictures and text. The problem with doing this in photoshop is that file size becomes to large. InDesign is good as it lets you print back to back. InDesign has a maximum of 9999 pages, industry splits a document up into sections of this size using the same template.

InDesign has a page size of up to 548cm, photoshop has a problem using a page size this big. InDesign does place a image in the file itself as he file size would become huge. It remembers where the image is instead. InDesign will only have a screen resolution of that particular image. The best way to save a InDesign document is PDF.


This window allows you to set your document to the settings you need. Here you can change page size, margin sizes etc.

Slugs are used as a reminder that something is wrong with the page.

The way in which you are going to bind your work needs to be considered when designing in InDesign. Perfect Binding is good to bind large documents. You can also have your document stapled together. Using this method may cause your booklet to have a creep (pages that stick out the end).

Using the text tool…



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