Animation workshop with Nick Deakin in Sheffield’s Site gallery.







This week at university has been workshop week, I chosen to attend a animation workshop in sheffield working with Graphic designer Nick Deakin. I chosen a animation workshop because I wanted to learn more about it, as a practisioner I love to draw so illustration is something I have always been interested in therefore I wanted to learn how to animate my drawings.

We started the workshop by splitting into two groups of four. We was each given a theme, my groups theme was “hate”. We then begin to brain storm everything we associate with hate. For example we talked about topics such as spiders, the dark and early mornings. After discussing ideas and we was eventually inspired by the iconic “I love NY” logo but instead we would use the phrase “I hate”. The brief aloud us to use 12 slides so we each had around two slides to work with. With our slides we decided to animate something we hate. I animated an alarm clock to represent early mornings.

Working with Nick gave me a lot of confidence to work with animation he showed me how simple it is to animate illustrations and how effective the work can become. This workshop has defiantly inspired and encouraged me to use animation in  my professional practise.



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