Design practise in context 2, Are we Cyborgs?

Television in todays society is available 24 hours a day, studies show we spend 45% of our day watching Tv! these statistics showed me how much of a massive influence TV can have on consumers therefore as a created we need to understand media to find new ways of seeing. Philosopher Marshall McLuhan believes that mass media communication has brought us closer together as a community. He says that the alphabet, written the world and technology connects us all as one. A famous quotation of his is “The medium is the message.”. Stefana Broadbent’s research completely agrees with McLuhan’s theories as she looks at what technology is used for. Her results show some families using technology to keep connected even though there millions of miles away from each other. One family uses a webcam to have breakfast with their nan the other side of the world. She discusses her findings in a video called ‘Digital intimacy?”

I myself as a designer believe that media culture is extremely important to be educated about. As its such apart of our everyday life it has the power to affect human behaviour. Through the media we have the power to manipulate and control the consumers way of seeing. We can imbed our opinions taking advantage of the way consumers crave new information. Nicholas Carr writes an interesting essay on the subject matter entitled “The difference engine: Rewriting the brain.” in which he talks about how the internet changes the way you think. He says ” Every new medium introduced since the invention of the printing press has molded our minds in different ways.” This bold statement opens to my eyes to how much society has been moulded and dependant upon the media. Thinking about how much I use the media, I wonder how much its had an effect upon the ways in which I think!


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