Thinking and practise, After effects text.

Experimenting with text as a layer i firstly set up a new composition. When selecting the pen tool it will create you a new layer. I learnt I can resize the text by grabbing it and using the arrows but the best way to do is by changing the font size and editing the point size. All the settings are contained for text under the character window. Here you can change leading, stroke, colour etc. Here you can animate the text as well. Animating keys works by changing it with a step. You can also add the text to a path by selecting mask path and edit then click on path options and it will recognise the text on the path.
The animate tool adds animations to the position of the text. Image


I also looked at adding the effect of affects and presets on text. With these you can use on text to animate. I experimented with converting text to shape layers and adding animation to each individual letter form.



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