Professional practise, Lars Müller.

As I am experimenting with designing and making a booklet in response to my taxonomy, I have started to look at contemporary publishing. This research will benefit my design work as it will make me explore possible ideas. A graphic designer who is known for his publishing works is Lars Muller. He edits and designs publications on architecture, design, and contemporary art. Lars Müller Publishers is an internationally active publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland. When looking at the publications I have been concentrating on how they have took the subjects matter into consideration when considering design. Its important as a publisher to understand the book concept to create a front cover that perfectly denotes the books content.

I like the irony of the design for this book written my Jasper Morrison entitled “A world without words” when the only thing the cover displays is words. I think this is clever design, the design plays on the title quite cleverly.

This books has clever use of imagery as the image of a screaming mouth relates to the books title “Help” as you can imagine the mouth screaming help as you look at the cover. This publication was designed for Poster collection.

I admire the simplistic use of colour and type of this publication. Its simplicity creates a bold statement. From looking at a whole range of publications by Las muller I feel I have educated myself about contemporary publication and it was helped inspire my work successfully.


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