Professional practise, Experimentation.





After experimenting with a hand made booklet I decided to start designing a booklet using indesign. I worked on A4 so when the booklet was folded it would be a A5 booklet. I arranged the photos randomly. This experiment was very useful as it allowed me to look at different margin sizes etc I could consider using. I don’t really like aesthetic appeal to this large margin I have used within this design. I haven’t really paid much attention the the front and back cover design. I have only featured the brand logo taking inspiration from a current Dr.Marten business card. In future designs I am going to stat looking at using type. 

It took me 3 attempts to print out this booklet as I didn’t understand page layouts  when printing booklets at the start of the experimentation but now I do. As you can see on one of the photos above one of the photos have been printed upside down. I like how the booklet is gel together using staples rather than the string I used in previous experiments as its a lot more stronger and looks a lot more professional. 



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