Professional practise, Catalogue Leeds.

“Catalogue is an independent graphic design studio founded in 2010 in the North of England. We specialise in design for print, branding, identity, books, exhibition and web. We work for both commercial clients and on self initiated projects. Extended self initiated projects include an independent publishing platform Catalogue Library and a bi-annual magazine Library paper, both of which are stocked in shops worldwide.”

I have researched Catalogue’s publications as I come across this publication in particular designed for Urban Coco. I was immediately drawn to its aesthetic appeal because of its use of colour, material and simplicity of text. The simple bold black text I think is effective contrasted against an image full of colour and detail, it gives the design a complexity and allows it to appeal to wider audience. Some people will admire the artwork yet others will be drawn to the bold black typography.

The use of a black and white colour scheme is something Catalogue commonly use. Catalogue publications have a strong use of simplicity which I really like as a practising designer. A simple colour scheme is not all that they use. The layout is always kept simple.


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