Professional practise, Jamie Reid.







The punk design movement particulary interests me because of its unique fashion and the bold imprint its had on design. Design within the Punk movement was a massive rebellion against modernist tendencies. Designers rebelled against the strict rules and grid systems of modern design and created a new aesthetic that people had never seen before. Punk design is very free and expressive, anything goes. Just like within Punk fashion where Dr.Martens were commonly worn. If I was to interpret this brief in the form of a booklet or advertisement, I would definitely take design influence from the punk movement. I really like the aesthetic qualities of punk design. One designer that is famous within this movement is Jamie Reid. I have been particulary looking as his use of type.

His work, features letters cut from newspaper headlines in the style of a ransom note. It came close to defining the image of punk rock in the UK. His best known works include the Sex Pistols album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols and the singles “Anarchy in the UK“, “God Save The Queen“.

His style and technique endured photocopying, lurid colours, torn up edges, collage, use of lettering cut up or torn out of newspapers, screen printed, recycled or deconstructed imagery. He used materials such as safety pins, overprinting, cluttered pages, deliberate “mistakes”, and unpredictable historic references. Also the use of subversive, anti–establishment, anti – capitalist slogans created shocking often deliberately offensive juxtaposed images.

The birth of the Punk, or D.I.Y (do it yourself) aesthetic created both an evolution and a revolution in the world of modern design. This lead to the punk style becoming an important feature of the Post–Modern movement. As you can see his style of his work was kept the same throughout his carrier…



This style of type became very popular within graphic design. In from 2012, the Hayward Gallery Project Space hosted ‘Someday All the Adults Will Die’: Punk Graphics 1971 – 1984. This was a comprehensive overview of punk graphic design. It was curated by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage. Looking at some of the artwork shown in the exhibition, the typography shared similar qualities.




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