Design practise in context 2, Post-Modernism.

The strict rules of modern design resulted in Post-modern design. It was a act of rebellion of designers. Design started to be questioned and experimented with, layers started to build, space become loser and the priorities of designers changed rapidly.   From this lecture on Post-Modernity my attention was brought to the punk movement, firstly for its aesthetic qualities. I like the grunge style of designers such as David Carson ‘father of grunge’ it has no critical agenda, this work is good reflection  of the trend in design in the 90’s.

The use of type is unstructured and layers are heavily loaded. Punk design is something I can incorporate into my own practise as Dr.Martens were very popular with this time era. Just like post modern design was a rebellion against the strict rules of modernism Dr.Martens were a rebellion against the stereotypical fashion trends.

Reading an interweiw with David Carson in Layers magazine he was asked “When creating a design such as a magazine cover, article, or website, what are a few of the most important things a designer should consider?”
He answered “Who is the audience, what is that audience’s visual language, what type of things are they seeing? How can you communicate and reinforce visually what is written or spoken, and how can you stand out from the competition in that particular field?” These are questions I should ask myself during my professional practise.


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