Professional practise, Project update.

IMG_6995 IMG_6996 IMG_7003 IMG_7004

After a discussion with my tutor I decided to collect photos throughout the week of girls aged 18-21 on the street wearing Dr.Martens. I did this by approaching random girls, I photographed there full body so you can see their fashion choices then I took another shot of their boots at a closer angle. The idea behind this taxonomy of images is too showcase how the evolution of the boots and it also shows the variety of fashions the boots appeal to.
With these images I am hoping to combine them all together maybe transforming them into a advertisement or short animation. I can now experiment with size, layout, compositions and type. I chosen to photograph them In a relaxed manor as I think the connotations of the boot and the history behind them suggest this idea of rebellion. Therefore my photographs all have different backgrounds of scenery and are at slightly different angles suggesting this idea of the Punk design era which Dr.Martens are commonly associated with. Post-modern design was an act of rebellion like the fashion of the boot so this street style way of photographing girls wearing Dr.Martens is very appropriate.


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