Thinking and practise, Illustrator layers.

creating a layered document.

-File- new

-change profile to basic RGB then change size to 960 by 40 then change units to pixels

– instead of import ‘place’

– Find photo you want to work with.

-click window then transparancy change this to multiply

-lock layer

-create new layer then use pen tool

-switch fill off and change outline to red and change stroke to 5pt

-draw around stars

-use selection tool to select both stars then click of stroke editing tool and change corners to a curve

-duplicate layer 2 change name to outline and change colour to black then lock layer.

-change other layer to star, change stroke to none then fill to red.

– turn path off.

-make sure outline and star is after original layer.

-Follow the steps for each part of the drawing.

-to make shadow transparent change it to multiply.

-bring final layer to the top and create a path using pen tool. turn off fill path to black and to front, change stroke to 5pt then draw around the whole picture to create a frame. Then place below the stars. Corners to round.

-make sure you lock layers when you finish them.


– turn off scan layer to refine image.

-file save as to desktop!


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