Thinking and practise, Coding 3.


This is the code I worked with last week too add a pixelated effect to my image. Using this code this week I started to add more adjustments to the original image.

void draw(){
for(int lop=0;lop<80;lop++){
color x=face.pixels[int(random(face.width*face.height))];       =size
stroke(red(x),green(x),blue(x),40);                                               =colour
rect(random(face.width),random(face.height),10,10);              =Adds noisy palette effect.
= Rendering of image.

To render image…


As long as we keep track of where image was from me can map it to correct location. You can see how the image has changed from the square pixelated effect to this sharper effect.


Now the image is becoming more clear. To add a stylistic quality we then needed to add a variable brush stroke size…

‘float’ variables instead of impos because they weren’t whole numbers we was working with.


Moving the position of the boxes…



Adding brushstrokes…

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 16.10.47


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