Professional practise, In what form do I want my work to be represented?

My my recent seminar I talked about developing my taxonomy in a form of campaign on identity. Dr.Martins I have learnt from my research identity a great deal, I would love to express this within my practise, but how?

After a trip to Huddersfield town centre I picked up a few advertisement booklets in my local McDonalds. At first i picked up these booklets because I was drawn to there aesthetic qualities but when i started to explore them I like how they interacted with the audience through image and text and how they provided information in a fun way.



This is an advertisement booklet, It grabs my attention with its bold brass use of colour and also get me involved by the use of a rhetorical question.

Another booklet I picked up was a charity campaign.



I enjoy its informative and decorate qualities. I really like the illustrations used within this. I did some research into who designs the advertisement design for McDonalds and I found out it was a company called ‘The Marketing store’. “The Marketing Store is a global partner to McDonald’s. The London office alone works with over 50 markets around the world on strategy, design, development and execution of instore campaigns and brand experiences for adults, kids and families.”


Exploring these advertisement booklets encouraged me more to consider presenting my work in the form of an illustrated booklet. But whats is the message, information or campaign I want to send to my audience?


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