Thinking and practise, White balancing using photoshop.

Imageng, ImageImageImage

During this workshop with Steve I learnt how to white balance using numbers in Photoshop. To do this I added an adjustment layer as this is a good way of non-destructively adjusting colour. You can see the changes you have made when adjusting colour by turning the adjustment layer on and off.  To balance the white you need to select 3 points on the photo using the eye dropper tool. You need a light, dark and neutral colour selected. On the drop out tool bar you should have numbers that reference each point selected. Red, green and blue colours should all be represented with numbers. To adjust the colours so they are balanced you should always work with these rules in mind…

Red should be 40 points more than green and green should be 25-30 more than blue. You use this to balance most skin tones!

You need to adjust all 3 points selected and make them follow these rules to balance the skin tone. I found this workshop really useful, I learnt allot.


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