The History of Dr.Martens.

This is an interesting video I watched all about the History of Dr.Martens. It mainly focused on the genre of people who wore them throughout history. A common theme that ran throughout the genre of people was the idea of “rebellion”.
Dr martens were first designed as a rebellion to normal design of the everyday work shoe with their “inventive mind sole”- Martin roach. They were embraced by the working class. From the very start of existence they were considered “unusual”.

Next they were worn by the ‘skin heads’ as a rebellion against the hippie movement. Pete Townshend admits in the video how he was “conscious of the fact that by wearing Dr.Martens he was making a statement against the working class”.

Then in the 80’s they became popular within Punk fashion. Punks rebelled against anything and everything, they set out to re-write the rules!. Jonny Blue eyes says in the video how by wearing Dr.Martens “represented being different”. Punks represented freedom, empowerment and individuality.

It wasn’t until the 90’s when Dr.Martens become mainstream. Now they are associated with “cool” kids. From their historically rebellious route they are a “symbol of freedom”. People who don’t necessary conform to a generic fashion sense are the people wearing Dr.Martens today as they are rebelling against the crowd.

The popularity of the boot has aloud the boot to grow from the generic black leather boot design into any colour, material and size you can think off.


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