Researching my chosen subject for my ‘taxonomy brief’ I found this timeline on the official Dr.Marten website. This is extremely useful to my studies as its educated me fully about the shoes history. What i found interesting about the shoe is the fact that they were first made for a purpose (to protect and support workmen’s feet in 190) to a massive fashion statement worn by “free thinkers”. The sterotypical person who owns Dc.Martens in the 21st century has a “different” sense of style from your everyday person.

But why are Dc.Martens associated with being different? Why different?

“Because the Griggs family (Making boots since 1901 in the heartland of British shoe-making.) didn’t accept what had gone before in terms of fashion as a rigid template for the future. The past was largely a reference book of ‘old’ ideas to rebel against. It was this spirit of innovation that coursed through Bill Griggs’ veins as he sat in his Cobbs Lane office one day in the late 1950s flicking through an issue of Shoe and Leather News magazine, only for his eyes to fall upon an advert by a German duo looking for overseas partners for their revolutionary new air-cushioned sole.”

To me people who own Dc.Martens today are confident people that want to showcase their individuality to rebel against the fashion we see in magazines. They want to stand out from the crowd.


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