Peter Buchanan-Smith, Speck.


Peter Buchanan-Smith (Art Director of the New York Times Op-Ed page) in 2001 published a book entitled ‘Speck, a curious collection of uncommon things) which I decided to read to get a greater understand and further my knowledge on taxonomy. To create the book he has asked artists, designers, lawyers, writers, collectors, and photographers to showcase their obsessions with the small objects that we find in everyday life. Taxonomy is a theme that Peter closely works throughout his other works as the first product he designed for Best Made Co. was a collection of functional axes. These were decorated with colorful spots and stripes.

One taxonomy of things I admired from the book was a collection of ‘Earth, Air and Water’ by Eddie Simon from Philadelphia. He has asked people visiting different parts of the world to bring him back small souvenirs. this could mean bits of grass, sand, stones sometimes even fog! Soon a mass collection of random things built up a taxonomy of the earth. What I like about this collection is every tiny piece collected holds a thousand interesting worlds to tell us a different story.


Reading this book taught me that a Taxonomy could mean absolutely anything. Everybody will have their own individual form of taxonomy depending on their interests or hobbies. Within my taxonomy I need to showcase my personality in some form of way  to educate my target audience.


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