Thinking and Practise, Colour trend.

Type, drawing and motion.Image

Until know I had never really thought about the importance of colour as a designer. Colour stimulates the eye having physiological effects on vision. Because of this effect as designers we are able to manipulate our audiences visual perception with our desired response. As this is possible companies each year spend thousands of pounds researching colour.

World events can create colour trends such as christmas. Because of coca cola the colour we associate with Christmas is red. Years of studies have gone into the research of colour, red is said to portray danger and yellow is associated with happiness.

Colour within photography was first published in 1976 by photographer William Egglestone. His work endured a saturated quality which I myself quite enjoy. Tv colour started in 1969. Wes Anderson is promptly known for his colour in film with his distinct use of bright colours.


The use of orange in this snapshot from a scene in his film is very eye-catching stimulating our attention as an audience.

I personally think colour is used very effectively within Pop art. The primary colours red, yellow and blue are frequently used. As there such bold colours artwork from artists such as Roy Lichtenstein is extremely dramatic making a huge impression on


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