My 30 images

IMG_6581 IMG_6574 IMG_6573 IMG_6571 IMG_6558 IMG_6539 IMG_6537 IMG_6536 IMG_6535 IMG_6534 IMG_6533 IMG_6532 IMG_6531 IMG_6530 IMG_6529 IMG_6528 IMG_6527 IMG_6526 IMG_6525 IMG_6524 IMG_6523 IMG_6522 IMG_6521 IMG_6520 IMG_6519 IMG_6518 IMG_6517 IMG_6516 IMG_6515 IMG_6514 IMG_6513 IMG_6512 IMG_6511 IMG_6510 IMG_6509 IMG_6508 IMG_6507 IMG_6506 IMG_6505 IMG_6503 IMG_6502 IMG_6468My 30 images

For my Taxonomy brief i decided to collect 30 images of different style, colour and materials of Doc Martins. Doc Martins are a very iconic fashion statement that have been around since the War as they was first worn my soldiers in trenches.


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