Design practise in context 2, Animation, Motion, Kinetics.

As an introduction to this module in the studio we looked at ourselves as the consumer, how we use social media to build knowledge and how we use social media to engage with design communities. I found it interesting looking at myself as the consumer as studying Graphic Design its very rare you use yourself as your target audience. To develop my understanding I mapped out a simple diagram where you could visually see me as a person. I learnt social media allows you to build a greater understanding of consumers and made me realise how useful social media has become in the design industry. Ben Hammersley (UK Prime Minister’s Ambassador to TechCity and leading internet technologist) highlights how reliant design has become on social media has become in the past decade in a digital trend presentation, he comments on how its “driven by the internet”. This workshop made me realise how effective social media is with building knowledge of our consumers


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